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Broadband labels made easy

Your one-stop-shop to create, manage, and display FCC-compliant broadband labels across your systems and print materials.

More than a label generator


Label management

Our app provides a central hub where you can easily manage current and archived broadband labels, generate new ones, and track changes over time.

Easy label edits

Need to edit your label? Make updates in your dashboard and watch the changes appear throughout your organization’s digital assets.

Label history

Received an audit request from the FCC? Provide the label exactly as it appeared on the date requested, thanks to detailed label history tracking.


We offer bulk discounts and full-service support to providers who can meet a minimum number of active labels per month.

Active Labels

$5 Each

Archived Labels

$3 Each

How it works


Easy label creation

Three easy options for you to create and update labels:

  • In the UI: edit a form and fill in information for each individual label
  • CSV: import a CSV to create and update labels in bulk

API: create, modify, retrieve, and delete labels using our convenient REST API

Permanent label storage

Every label you generate lives in your central dashboard. View active and archived labels, make changes, and access your timestamped revision history.

Dynamic label display

Instead of raw code that will need manual updating, our tool provides an embeddable widget that always displays the most up-to-date version of your label everywhere you place it.

Label history & archive

All changes made within the app are dated and tracked in a version history, so you can easily retrieve past versions of your label in seconds if the FCC requests it.

Phasing out an internet plan? Archive its label at reduced cost—just $3 per month.

FCC compliant

Our tool ensures full adherence to all FCC standards, including:

  • Machine readable labels
  • Label archive & revision tracking
  • A dynamic csv endpoint that always contains the data for your account’s active labels

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Where do I have to display the labels?

These labels must be displayed at the point of sale, both online and in-store. For online display, simply copy and paste the embeddable widget created by the app into the markup of a web page. For users of both and CrowdFiber, labels can be displayed simply by adding System Label IDs into CrowdFiber product records. Learn more about POS compliance (link to Pivot’s page).

Why should I use your app when there are free label generators available?

While there are other label generation tools available that will allow you to input your service information and get back the code needed to display the label, our site meets two major needs those tools don’t by giving your labels a permanent home:

Easy change management. Instead of spitting out the raw code needed to display the label, we give you an embeddable widget that can be placed in as many places as you’d like. If you later need to change something on the label, you can simply edit your label here instead of needing to go into the markup of all the pages where your label is displayed. Your changes will take effect everywhere that widget has been embedded.

FCC compliance and version tracking. The FCC requires that service providers must be able to produce within 30 days any label for a service they have sold in the last two years. Our site stores the revision history of every label you make, so you can quickly and easily access past versions of a label if needed. This history is available to you for any label that is active or archived.

How do I get started?

First, sign up for a new account. Your company only needs one account, and the first person to sign up is the account owner. That person will then be able to invite other users to join them on the account. You do have the ability to create multiple accounts if you’re operating multiple service providers. 

Once you’re signed in, you can input your credit card information and start creating labels. Each active label costs $5/month, and each archived label costs $3/month. We also offer enterprise invoice billing upon request.

Now you can start creating labels! Click Options > Create New Label to create one in the UI, or Options > Import CSV to download a template for creating labels via CSV Import. You can also create an API key in your account settings to interact with the application via API. 

After a label is created, you’ll see a preview screen showing you the label output as well as an embeddable widget code that can be placed on your website. Labels can be edited anytime, and a copy of each label is made every time the label is edited.

Labels begin as active labels and can be archived (and unarchived) at any time. You have access to the version history of all active and archived labels. You can also delete labels at any time, but you will no longer have access to the version history of a deleted label.

I’m a national broadband provider with hundreds of broadband plans. Do you offer enterprise discounts?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts to providers who can meet a minimum number of active labels per month. We also offer white glove support to expedite the label creation and management process. [Contact us] for a custom package.

I’m a developer interested in integrating your app with our software. Do you partner with other vendors?

Yes, we’d love to work with other software vendors to further streamline the process for consumers and broadband providers. Contact us at [EMAIL].

My company also offers wireless (mobile) plans. Does your platform support wireless labels as well?

Yes it does—[contact us] to learn more.

We need help with Broadband Labels


What is CrowdFiber?

Helping you generate and manage broadband consumer labels, CrowdFiber is an address-driven sales automation platform for telecom providers. Providers of all sizes and stages use CrowdFiber to acquire, engage and retain customers in dramatically new ways.