Broadband Consumer Labels

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Pivot and CrowdFiber, NRTC companies, are excited to announce their collaborative efforts to assist broadband providers in meeting the deadlines imposed by new FCC broadband label requirements.

The new FCC regulations mandate that broadband providers display clear and concise information about their services to consumers. To aid in this process, CrowdFiber and Pivot offer a suite of services designed to simplify compliance and streamline operations for broadband providers, including label creation and management, website label display, QR codes linked to labels, and much more.

“We understand the challenges that broadband providers face in meeting regulatory requirements while maintaining operational efficiency,” said Monica Santi, VP of Marketing at Pivot. “Our partnership with CrowdFiber enables us to provide comprehensive solutions that simplify compliance and alleviate the burden on providers.”
Pivot and CrowdFiber are committed to helping broadband providers navigate the transition to the new broadband facts labels seamlessly. As leaders in the broadband space, they leverage their expertise to offer solutions tailored to the needs of providers.